Past: 2019

Friday, April 5, 2019 - The Palladium


Persephone in Hell
Choreographed by: Michael Foley
Performed by: Heidi Brewer, Fernando Chonqui, Michael Foley, Abigail Hinson, Sarah “Sadie” Lehmker
Music: George Frideric Handel, selections from five operas sung by Nathalie Stutzman

No Place
Choreographed by: Cynthia St.Clair
Performed by: Cynthia St.Clair
Music: Dan Phelps - No Chance

A story told in movement by Sheila Cowley, Helen Hansen French and Alex Jones
Performed by: Helen Hansen French, Alex Jones
Sculpture by: Mark Aeling, MGA Sculpture Studio
Paintings by: Ana Maria Vasquez
Sound Design by: Matt Cowley 
Lighting Design by: Joseph Oshry*
*Member, United Scenic Artists 

hot night slow drive fast car
Choreography, Text, Performer by: Lauren Ree Slone

Choreographed by: Kellie Harmon in collaboration with dancers
Performed by: Heidi Brewer, Helen Hansen French, Carleigh Gee, Kellie Harmon, Bliss Kohlmyer, Shila Tirabassi Lagrua, Samantha Miller, Jessica Obiedzinski
Music: Arca, Armand Amar, Colleen, Jim Reeves, Mary Lattimore
Costumes: Bessie Harmon, Dancers
Program Notes: Family is not defined by our genes but is built and maintained through love. Joined by multiple guest artists, RogueDance explores the idea of family. Three reveals the dynamics between sibling and parental relationships and the facades that maintain public appearance. While not every story has a happy ending, perception dictates all.

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