April 28, 2023 at 8 PM
The BEACON 2023 show included hot gold by Heidi Brewer; Maelstrom by Sarah Walston; The Dinner Table by Sarah Emery; Celebrating Collaboration: Tom Kramer’s Photography Video by Sheila Cowley; Imperfect Joys by Helen Hansen French and John C. O’Leary III; and r up t u re ap ture by Alexander Jones.

BEACON 2023 Program

hot gold

Directed by

Heidi Brewer

Sound Score

Ajani Brannum


Christopher Spatafora


Sharon McCaman


Heidi Brewer, Sharon McCaman


Ajani Brannum, Talia Demps, Kirsten Standridge

My favorite time of day is the golden hour. It’s a comfort that every day, without fail, the sun sets -- whether I witness it or not. Natural cycles happen whether we see them or not — they self-sustain, they self-activate, they collaborate with other dependably ongoing cycles. Is it just when they are witnessed that they become a spectacle?




Sarah Walston


Mary Lattimore; Donato Dozzy, Anna Caragnano


Sarah Walston


Katherine Acosta, Ethan Barbee, Cynthia Clark, Baylie Dockins, Andrés Castillo Gomez, Lilia Castillo Gomez, Troy Martin, Drew Robinson

 “Maelstrom” is centered around the concept of a state of mental chaos. The piece looks at how a constant stream of thoughts can cause mismatched ideas and images to emerge in a rapid succession. Each of these elements may be fleeting or more deeply attached to our identity as we sort through our own spiraling thoughts. “Maelstrom” is an excerpt from the evening length work “Ghost in the Black Jacket”, which deals with the way we form our sense of self and unique identity.

The Dinner Table


Sarah Emery


Ecce Cello


Sarah Emery and Aaron Nedrick


Pictures In Productions, Sarah Emery, Aaron Nedrick 

The Dinner Table is an intimate look at a relationship unraveled by political differences. (2018)



Celebrating Collaboration
Tom Kramer’s Photography

Video by:

Sheila Cowley

A joyful gathering of Tom Kramer's dance and theatre photography, in honor of the much-loved gentleman artist so many creatives had the privilege of collaborating with.

Tom Kramer Performance Photography from Sparks Collaborative Ensemble on Vimeo.

Imperfect Joys 

Created and Performed By 

Helen Hansen French and John C. O’Leary III




r up t u re
ap ture

(pronounced Rupture/ You are Rapture)


Alexander Jones


Johann Sebastian Bach “Jesu, Meine Freude, BWV 227”

Costume Designer

Iky Standridge


Heidi Brewer, Talia Demps, Alexander Jones, Evan Smith, and Kirsten Standridge

Whispers, another way to be, severed from the cord, steeped in a great beyond…

projectALCHEMY is an international dance+ company based in St. Petersburg, Florida, engaging the dance community and local audiences through immersive interdisciplinary performance, affordable movement classes and dance artist development opportunities. We share the artistic talent of our community through live performance and online exchanges with dance companies around the world.

BEACON Artist Biographies

BEACON 2023 was made possible by the generous support of

Presenting Partner

Tom & Sally Baynard
Paul Carder
Hal Freedman & Willi Rudowsky
John & Mary Ellen Collins
Paula Kramer
Helen & Mark Raczkowski
Elizabeth & Nupur Dalal
The Staff & Crew of The Palladium

BEACON Technical Crew

Evelyn Marie Twitty

Stage Manager 

Christopher Spatafora

Lighting Designer 

Michael Rivera

Performance Audio Manager

Danny Piechocki

Asst. Lighting Designer


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